Tree planting and restoration of degraded forest

Decades of deforestation have drastically degraded the dense tropical rainforests and old-growth forests alongside the buffer zone of Itombwe nature reserve, leaving behind a landscape dominated by shrub-lands, grasslands, and small and sparse remnants open tree land with less tree cover.


IGH plants trees and restore deforested land and degraded habitat, reconnecting previously fragmented forest patches in Itombwe.  Our approach involves working with local communities throughout the reforestation process, from the planting and care of young saplings, through to their establishment as new forest habitat.


10 community nurseries have already been established to supply the seedlings needed for reforestation activities in Itombwe. Many people participate in the tree-planting campaigns: young people, members of the local authorities, the church and ordinary citizens. Thanks to them, we have ensured that 1,240,000 trees from 13 local species are planted to date.


We plant a mix of multi-purpose native trees species and crops to sequester carbon, protect biodiversity and support local livelihoods and economy. Now the saplings that were planted previously are growing and transforming what had been degraded areas, bereft of trees, into dense forest which contributes to repairing damaged ecosystems and mitigating global climate changes.


Today, our reforestation program has grown into a wide movement that supports not only tree planting, but also the creation of a forestry presence within local villages.  

Support IGH’s reforestation program

If you are an individual or business wishing to support our tree planting program to restore ecosystems that have been affected by deforestation in Itombwe Mountains and contribute to local and global climate change mitigation, please contact us at


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PO Box 1087

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