Education on Wildlife and Environmental Conservation

Local communities have limited knowledge and awareness of globally threatened species that call Itombwe Mountains their home. In addition, local communities do not know how they can help to save these species from extinction.  That is one of the most critical issues exacerbating loss of wildlife and forest in Itombwe Mountains.


Our Education on Wildlife and Environmental Conservation engages local communities to found innovative solutions to complex conservation problems in Itombwe Mountains.  Through this program, we are increasing awareness and knowledge of local communities to take action and help to save threatened wildlife species and forest habitat in Itombwe Mountains now and in the future.


Under our Education on Wildlife and Environmental Conservation program, we organize conservation meetings and workshops in local villages, school visits and distribution of posters on wildlife and forest. More than 368 conservation education events have already been organized since 2014, including several meetings, workshops and excursions on environment and conservation. 44,326 posters with an eye-grabbing title with images of wildlife have already been distributed.


The IGH’s commitment does not stop at engaging local communities, but also extends nationally, regionally and internationally through raising awareness more broadly about threats to ecosystems and biodiversity of Itombwe Mountains. As such, we participate in national and international conference and meetings to advocates for the conservation of nature and the wellbeing of people in Itombwe Mountains.


 Soccer and football are sports that bring people together. IGH is using the sports to work with children and youth in nearby communities to advance conservation purpose. We host foot matches and tournaments for local football club players under the theme ‘’ Tulinde Wanyama na Misitu Yetu’’ (Save our Wildlife and Forests). Engaging children and youth through soccer and football helps divert local communities, while raising attendee awareness and inspiring change that address environmental issues for the welfare of wildlife, forest habitat and communities of Itombwe for future generations.  

How you can help

Education on Wildlife and Environmental Conservation

Education on Wildlife and Environmental Conservation

The more you support our work, the more you ensure a future for wildlife for future generations!

 If you would like to brighten the future of wildlife and support our Education on Wildlife and Environmental Conservation Program in Itombwe Mountains, please get in touch at


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