Who we are

Our history

Our organization Itombwe Génération pour l’Humanité (IGH) forms a family with members committed to the protection of the Congolese home of 772+ species in Itombwe Mountains. We are not experts, but we capitalize on ability, wisdom, culture and traditional practices of local communities to care for natural resources and conserve forests for the long term survival of wildlife, human being, and the world.


When it first launched in 2014, the IGH had one key activity: monitoring of great ape in Itombwe Mountains, focusing on Itombwe nature reserve. Shortly after, IGH implemented a new strategy including community antipoaching patrol teams to protect wildlife and their forest habitats from human threats; education on wildlife and environmental conservation; monitoring of wildlife and their forest habitats; tree planting and restoration of degraded areas, and sustainable Livelihoods Program to alleviate poverty of local community and reduce pressure on forest and wildlife.


Over the years, IGH become the largest non-profit organization working on conservation of wildlife and frosts in Itombwe Mountains. Greater attention is paid to the needs and expectations of local communities, which are located close to the natural resource that is being managed and conserved for future generations. We are happy that local communities have continued to be part of the decision-making and management processes. That’s why we are a community-led organization.


IGH was also instrumental in establishing the Itombwe nature reserve, which is a single Protected Area currently existing in Itombwe Mountains. This is area where the one of the world’s most threated primate, the Grauer’s gorilla, live in coexistence with many other mega fauna, such as chimpanzee and elephant.

Our vision

The Itombwe Mountains are a world’s Alliance for Zero Extinction site and a Key Biodiversity Area of international significance. Poaching, logging, mining, land clearing and human encroachment are the biggest threats to wildlife and forest habitat in Itombwe Mountains. If nothing is done, the entire communities of animals and plants in Itombwe can disappear together.

IGH envisions thus to ensure that native Itombwe wildlife species and their forest habitat survive and thrive for future generations. This is our choice; this is our responsibility.

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