Board of Directors and Staff

by Igh

Leadership staff of the IGH are permanently based in the Itombwe Mountains in Democratic Republic of Congo   where they work closely with local communities to ensure that native Itombwe wildlife species and their forest habitat survive and thrive for future generations. We have 6 permanent employees and 191 volunteers, all recruited locally having a strong presence within the local communities to advance the organization’s mission to safeguard the endangered species and their habitat found uniquely in Itombwe’s oldest and most precious rainforest.


The IGH Board is composed of seven members:

  1. Mr Léonard EO Founder and Chairman
  2. Mr Amani Kyalondawa, Vice-Chairman
  3. Mr Dégaule Mcimbwa Board member
  4. Mrs Christine Buyane Board member
  5. Ms Grace Ngena, Executive Assistant
  6. Mr Prince Assa Treasurer
  7. Mr Pierre Lwikeca Board member