Sustainable livelihoods program

In Itombwe Mountains, local communities live in relatively dramatic socio-economic conditions. With up to 80% of local people living on less than $2 a day, poverty is more widespread in Itombwe than in most other parts of Democratic Republic of Congo.


The majority of households in Itombwe rely on hunting, mining and exploitation of forest resources for their household income.


IGH works with disadvantaged groups of local communities in Itombwe Mountains, who are extremely poor and have incomes well below national averages, towards the promotion of sustainable income generation scheme programs.


A variety of training programs on alternative income-generating activities were conducted for the people who live in adjacent communities to alleviate pressure on forest and wildlife of Itombwe.

8 poultry famer groups we established since then and are now rearing 4780 chickens as their full-time job, instead of resorting to poaching wildlife in the forest. In addition to this, 200 households received sheep and goat breeders and started small ruminant raising to provide a supply of very nutritious meat, milk, and manure, an important component of the daily socio-economic need of the local community in the mountainous areas of Itombwe.

How you can help

The more you support our work, the more you ensure a future for wildlife for future generations!

If you would like to brighten the future of wildlife and support our Sustainable Livelihoods Program to alleviate poverty of local community and reduce pressure on forest and wildlife in Itombwe Mountains, please get in touch at


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